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Attila,Xtina (*A.K.A. home-wrecker*), Aaron, and I went on a gang photo-roam yesterday. It’s basically us ravishing the landscape depriving it of all privacy it once had and taking shots of just about everything. What can make things awkward is that Attila and I have the same basic focal range on our lenses, though his 1D MkII and, y’know, *skill* do make the photos a bit different.

It should also mark the return of Xtina to blogging, since she used to update quite often, and I am sure may be doing so again, *immediately*.

Posts on aaron.stasis.org are infrequent anyway; because it’s really not the quantity of photos that you get, it’s pure quality.

2 thoughts on “Flow

  1. P.J. says:

    Interesting effect here.

  2. home-wrecker says:

    Nice to finally meet you yesterday. Twas a lovely day.