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So we got one of these.

I’ve been busy lately, busy is good; indeed, busy pays the bills. But busy can also mean I neglect other things I take pride in, like this blog. I made a commitment to myself to update weekly this year, and even though I haven’t quite met that challenge (sadly), I think it’s also important to infuse those who visit here regularly, or irregularly, with info that is valuable in some form. That said, this is less that kind of a post and more the kind of post that says:
I’ve been doing stuff, I can’t show stuff until my clients use the stuff, but then I will both show, and tell you all about the stuff. It’s pretty cool stuff too, if I do say so myself.

This coming weekend I’m off to Oakville to photograph a wedding, so I’ll be touching my toes into Toronto on the way there and back. But until I have something to show you, that I can show you, here’s Friendly the bunny; Quinn named her that.

One thought on “Friendly

  1. emily H. says:

    Great – I had 8 rabbits for adoption just a few weeks ago JVL. I thought of Paul – but never thought of you!