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Good Grief

Good Grief
Dudes! I’ve totally neglected the blog this week. Recently, I’ve become super cool and famous over on Flickr with some landscape photo I was playing around with in Photoshop – I didn’t even bother to title it. Not a big deal for some people, and no definable difference in my life aside from momentary glory, but it’s a pretty cool feeling to see hundreds of folks flock to an image in the matter of a few hours.

I’m thinking this would be a great place to set up a psychiatric help booth.

Ed. Note: This photo looks like crap in non colour-profile supported browsers. According to google analytics 45% of you are in firefox so you should be good; but the 10% of you who are still using IE6 – upgrade that shit!

3 thoughts on “Good Grief

  1. faisal says:

    always love yellow-black combo. right up there with my all time fav: yellow-blue.

  2. I love this shot. I'm a big fan of good graffiti, and this is a great shot of it.

  3. Cathy Ivory says:

    To me this is one of your most interesting pieces to date. Love how the zig-zag above the graffiti compliments the text. The shadow from below (is it a sign) leads the eye beautifully to the graffiti. Wonderful composition Justin!