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Growing up

Growing up
I suck at many things. It’s easy to admit – nobody’s really good at everything are they? (okay, maybe some people ARE good at EVERYTHING but we don’t like them very much)

One of the things I’m particularly bad at is marketing. Professionally, marketting myself would be the best option, it’s cheaper, it’s grass-routes, it’s kinda what I’m already doing but in a strategic way. Thing is, I suck at it. Any chance that I would, or SHOULD have to market myself I don’t. I might be a “creative” by way of photography and taking photos – but when it comes to the business side… well… I need help.

So if you come to this blog and read my ramblings and see the site that hasn’t been “professionally” groomed and there’s no price page for weddings and portraits and no update to the about page – don’t worry. I’ll still take a really good photo of you. I just suck at marketing it.

2 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. Calusarus says:

    A beautiful contrast between the blue grid and the greenery

  2. Justin Sperry says:

    So, in the last 9-10 months, have you gotten better at marketing yourself? What are some of the deliberate steps you have taken to improve your marketing?