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Head of a Pin

Head of a Pin
Oh to balance on the head of a pin, I’ve purchased my tickets to Iceland, but I also just got a great offer to head down to Cuba over March Break. Sadly for Jen, Steph, and Attila I’m going to stick to the more exotic (and more desirable) of the locales. Maybe I should link to my wish list and try and see if I can get people to buy me things…
No no, that’d never work.
I was mostly right about Lesley’s farm over the weekend I was way off on the farm this weekend, I had a great time and if anyone was awkward it was probably the couples…and Steph; however what I wasn’t informed of was the shovelling of snow off of her roof; only in Canada I swear.

One thought on “Head of a Pin

  1. Michael says:

    Excellent in it's simplicity. The contrast between rocks and snow is great.