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Hey folks! A quick check-in on the blog here, I’m still alive, I’ve just been spending some quality time with my family.

Alex has hit that doing-everything-at-once stage. He’s been crawling for a few months now, but he’s decided to simultaneously tackle stair climbing (already a mountaineer) and the moments before taking his first steps… as well as waving “ha” and “bah.” Too cute.

This particular week I haven’t even had a chance to take my camera out, the first half was all client meetings. Two brides, going over their wedding pictures for prints and albums, and another a new client who, despite my iPad #failing on me by not turning on, still booked me for a condo development shoot. Architecture is certainly something that personally interests me, and I haven’t had any real professional opportunities to shoot them beyond the venues and locations I scout for my portrait clients. I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to attempt a shoot of a subject sans-person. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a few of the shots in a few weeks after that one wraps up!

One thought on “Hi

  1. sabrina says:

    I love this photograph of Alex!

    It's exciting to hear how busy you are and I'm looking forward to the images from your architectural shoots.