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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

It’s a rare treat that Mel actually lets me take her photo. I’ve broken the rules of privacy and sharing far too much in my household to brave “sneaking” one in again. Thankfully I told her my idea beforehand, and her overwhelming love of Christmas, and the Christmas lights that I bought her obviously took over (note to self: gift first, then ask), and she agreed to a quick portrait.

So yeah, holiday’s are coming up and this will probably be one of the toughest, financially, of my life. It’s okay though, it makes you refocus on what matters. No need to embellish gifts laden with grandeur on everyone, heck, my mom’s bought enough toys for the kids we don’t even have to kick anything else in. We do not need any more. That said, there’s a whole lot of “want” out there, and it’s hard to pass up a lifetime of want, covetus adoration of what others have, over the simpler, sounder, and non-commercial “let it be” philosophy.

At the beginning of the summer I swore off any major photo-purchases, and I like to think I accomplished that (what, a few pocket transmitters aren’t MAJOR, and I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDED them). This winter it’s the same sort of thing, though less related to photography and more related to all the other luxuries that I’ve oh-so become accustomed to. I’m not complaining, I will have a much, much better holiday than millions of people on this planet, and I am going to be grateful for every second of it.


4 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Well said Justin, and beautiful picture!

  2. neeroc says:

    Beautiful. And the most important parts of the holidays are family and friends, I always work hard to remember that in the hustle and bustle. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This image (and Mel) is really beautiful… the uplifting energy that she emanates makes this especially strong.