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In the Ghetto

In the Ghetto
Apartments offer affordable social housing, but at what price? In a way they’re more communal than the pop-up townhouse neighbourhoods you see growing out of your major urban areas, but they lack community. You don’t know the people who live at all 4 sides of you any more than I know the guy down the street who thinks it’s a good idea to burn his yard waste.

That asshole, didn’t he see *An Inconvenient Truth*? Doesn’t he know that releases Carbon into the air, contributing to global warming? Not to mention the fun smoke wafting into the house when I feel like it’s a good idea to open the windows.

Where was I?
I dunno I guess I’m trying to say you always have to put up with your neighbours stink.

One thought on “In the Ghetto

  1. April says:

    I like the composition. Nice & moody.