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In Transit

In Transit
My bus route is hit and miss – if I catch the right bus at the right time – I’m at work within the hour. But if I miss it, and wait (or sleep in as the case often is) I’m looking at a two hour journey across the city. It’s daunting really, because that’s just the way TO work.

The way home is plagued by crowding, taking me, often, close to two and a half hours (if I leave work at any reasonable time) – how long does your commute take? And do you have to wake up at ungodly hours in which to make it?

4 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. Knut says:

    What the hell? Over 4 hours of travelling to and from work on a bad day? I understand Toronto is slightly larger than Trondheim (Norway), but I don't really understand how you could spend that much time just getting to work. Is this common in places that aren't Norway?

    I walk to and from school in ca. 30 minutes.

  2. Ron says:

    TTC stands for Take The Car in my books!! I remember having to take the bus to school in the morning.. 1.5 hours there, and 2 to get home..

  3. Amy says:

    TTC should take a trip to Hungary and learn about organization .The transportation in Budapest is just amazing

  4. faith says:

    i love love love this shot for so many reasons. TTC pictures are my favourite. this, my friend, is desktop-background-worthy. love.