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Level Crossing

Level Crossing
I know there’s great protest against level railway crossings and that they’re considered dangerous and blah blah blah. I’ve even seen those scary as hell videos of a person running in-front of one train right into the next oncoming. Or those cars that figure the crossing signal doesn’t “count” for them and dodge around it only to be plowed a kilometre sideways as their car turns to scrap.

Top Gear did a great segment on it, which basically illustrates my point; are you bat-fucking nuts to go toe-to-toe with a train? Old people forgiven, look both ways when you’re crossing the tracks – listen when they say running in-front of a train is dangerous – THEY ARE NOT JOKING! A train weighs approximately a gajillion tonnes and inertia alone will either
A. ker-splat you into oblivion
b. comically propel you across the continent, possibly (if you’re lucky) head-first into the ladies change room.

This has been a JVL public safety notice.

2 thoughts on “Level Crossing

  1. Ron says:

    I'll take option B, especially if I need to get somewhere in a hurry.. But then again it also depends on who's change room it is of course..

    University, good… Old Folks Home, bad…

  2. faith says:

    i really like the blurry out-of-focusness in this one. the sign and grass really pops. love it.