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Look at me Now

Look at me Now
Do you know how HARD it is to do a shallow dof self-family-portrait with three kids by the river? You can see some details over on Flickr.

As a PC user (by habit only, I assure you) you might find it as odd as I do that you can find me, not once, but TWICE over at www.macgasm.net right now.

First, there is their relaunch of their podcast, which is entirely devoted to photography for this episode.

Second, I’ve been using the very cool Photosmith app for the iPad (it syncs from your iPad to Lightroom) and have written up a full review of it. There’s a few copies you can win, so head on over to the review, and leave a few comments on the blog.

So yeah, my attentions have been divided, hopefully I’ll be able to get a few posts up later this week to talk about some shoots I’ve done recently – stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Look at me Now

  1. faisal says:

    macgasms > pcgasms.

    Love this portrait!

  2. Chris Plante says:

    There are DoF apps for iPhone/iPad. Surely, those would help.