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Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck
I always felt that I could see how lonely so many people are, I could see beyond any thinly veiled attempts at sociability and recognize everyone as their own unique loner. Really I felt that I could empathize with everyone, see and know people for who they were and love them anyway; a lot like Jesus really.

So I figured it would be no problem to capture these moments of sincerity on my camera, and I haven’t had a lot of them (and I’m not even saying that this is one of those times either), because when you look at photos like I see on other sites I think I need to find a lot more sad people to really get some emotions across.

4 thoughts on “Lucky Duck

  1. P.J. says:

    Very peaceful

  2. Brad says:

    Umm… what?

  3. schmee says:

    i love it when you compare yourself to jesus.

  4. Justin Sperry says:

    Justin, this is perhaps one of my favorite of your early work.



    Anchored (no pun intended)