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My House

My House
This is, admittedly, not a particularly fine photo, nor is it processed to any high standard. However, for me, it was a dual experiment

1 – To do a stationary panorama with a couple-dozen photos (I wanted to see if I could do this so I can apply it to work sometime).

2 – to try out ZOOMIFY – a feature of photoshop CS3 Attila pointed out to me a while back that I just felt like doing.

Now you can see all the false Halo’s around the trees and other processing sloppiness… Not to mention the McDonalds garbage on my front lawn.

3 thoughts on “My House

  1. aminTorres says:

    nice lighting man!
    dig the curve…

  2. Barb says:

    I like it! Very impressive that you took so many pics and put them together. You are brilliant! 🙂

  3. Rza says:

    House is looking good! I see the halos you speak of around the trees but I still like the picture:o) And Zoomify, what is this? Is that what is sort of making the house come out and eat me?!