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Ottawa Rails

Ottawa Rails
And we’re back!

Spent the past week on a brief repose in Toronto. Most of the time was with my family, and extended family for those who *ahem* managed to get back to me (props to Dan & Andrew Lieu for grabbin beers with me!)

I travelled light for this trip. 2 kids under 3 demands it. I brought my G11, a couple flashes, a couple PW’s (in case I had an opportunity to take photos – next time Jonathan – the Lumiquest Softbox 3, and the FlashZebra extended hot-shoe cord. Can’t say enough good things about this setup (or potential setup) that this compact group of lights & mods can bring. Of course most of it ended up being handheld of my kids… but had the opportunity presented itself I would have been prepared, all while carrying, techincally, less weight than my 1D & a 24-70mm lens.

Oh, and the shot here doesn’t have anything to do with that stuff, except the G11… Took it on my way home. Anyone want to guess/know what it is? The title basically gives it away – sound off in the comments please!

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