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picket fences

picket fences
Oh man, I totally had Sushi 2 days in a row; it was fantastic.

Chilled with my cousin Lori last night, it was a good time, it’s too bad we didn’t hang out more as we were growing up, I think we’d make an unstoppable team of Van Leeuwenness. Also making for excitment was the arrival in the mail of my Director Label Series boxed Set Volume 2, and a replacement copy of The Work of Director Michel Gondry, which was decided to be no longer mine recently. Anyway, all of the DVD’s in the series I’ve watched so far have been absolutely fantastic, so seeing the new four will occupy my highly anticipated weekend.

One thought on “picket fences

  1. P.J. says:

    Imagine having to paint all of these? Yikes!