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I’m not like everyone else. I won’t miss Sam the Record Man, an iconic music shop on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto. Unlike most people, I did not get my first album there; it was at HMV – Beck’s Mellow Gold (and by album I mean CD). When I hit my teens and started to collect music, I ventured to the HMV flagship, rival to Sam’s, and by comparison, I could actually FIND what I was looking for at HMV.
It was clean, organized, labelled, stocked, and lacked the music pretence that some staff at Sam’s could come off with.

Obviously, in the end that doesn’t matter; the medium has changed, I get my music on teh internetz now.

2 thoughts on “Sams

  1. schmee says:

    "album" has no connotation with its media. you can get an album on tape, vinyl, cd, mp3, etc.

  2. JVL says:

    Well I still meant CD.