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Sea Sick

Sea Sick
Kari’s sick, she came home the other day relatively incapacitated then proceeded to vomit and get the chills. Now I’m no doctor (though I do work in a hospital), but I think Kari has the flu, she has it so bad that she gave it to Bunny (the dog). So now we’ve got Kari sick and bunny sick but why am I not sick too? I got my flu shot with the other half of the hospital when they prompted it.

And what did Kari say when I asked her to come along? She said she didn’t believe in the flu shot.

2 thoughts on “Sea Sick

  1. aaron says:

    i didn't have no stinkiin' flue shot either and I'm healthier than a healthy-guy on Healthy-Day.

    nice symmetry/perspective on this.

  2. Kari says:

    Stomach Bug. No flu here –

    Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flu

    Note: In humans, influenza's effects are much more severe than those of the common cold, and last longer. Recovery takes about one to two weeks. Influenza can be deadly, especially for the weak, old or chronically ill.[20]

    Thanks for taking care of me though 🙂