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Projects are good. It doesn’t have to be a brilliant one, or even one that you think will win any awards, but setting out with a goal in mind. Like, say, shooting descending sequential odd number or even numbers gets you thinking. Thinking of how to find “the shot” and a bit more, how to take it once you get it.

I won’t lie to ya, I’m not a huge fan of this pic, but it represents me getting something out of the way to continue with my goal, my next number: 15.

You’re not always going to make great photos, sometimes you’re going to struggle just to take good ones, a project like this will teach you that; to keep your eyes open, and take the shot when you’ve got it – even if it’s not the greatest.

3 thoughts on “Seventeen

  1. faisal says:

    love numbers and typography. nice lensbaby effect.

  2. Charles A-M says:

    The mundane subject matter draws attention to the emotion it portrays, which to me seems like a sense of urgency. It gives me a sense of driving down a street and realizing I just passed the building I was looking for!