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Sounding a Mosaic

Sounding a Mosaic
Boy, Macro photography sure is fun.
I borrowed my mom’s man’s 60mm F2.8 EFS lens this week and I’m walking around taking close up shots of everything.

Look a flower!

Look a candle!

Look a used condom!

I tell you, everything is fascinating through the eyes of this lens.

2 thoughts on “Sounding a Mosaic

  1. April says:

    Seeing that you liked "Everything is Illuminated" on thinsite, I thought I'd mention that you'd probably really love the story This American Life episode 307: In the Shadow of the City, specifically the story about young Alex Zharov who is a real-life Alex from the movie.

    You can listen here:

  2. Brad says:

    I like what you did here. But is that a dust spot on your sensor in the middle on the sides?