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The Corner

The Corner

Streetlights & deepnights cats trying to eat right
Riding no seat bikes with work to feed hypes
So they can keep sweet Nikes they head & they feet right
Desires of streetlife cars & weed types
It’s hard to breath nights days are thief like
The beast roam the streets the police is Greeklike

Game at it’s peak we speak & believe hype
Bang in the streets hats cocked left or deep right
Its steep life coming up where sheeplike
Rappers & hoopers we strive to be like
G’s with 3 stripes seeds that need light
Cheese & weaves tight needs & thieves strike
The corner where struggle & greed fight

We write songs about wrong cause it’s hard to see right
Look to the sky hoping it will bleed light
Reality’s a bitch and I heard that she bites
The corner

Lyrics by Common

2 thoughts on “The Corner

  1. P.J. says:

    I could see this as a place where someone would sneak a smoke or get into a schoolyard brawl. 😉

  2. Brad says:

    Man, you're gangster.