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The Lost Art of Bowling

The Lost Art of Bowling
So I came home yesterday to find a delightful message affixed to my door
“We regret to inform you that your gas service has been suspended today”

To be honest, I regret to BE disconnected. I always pay my bills, so I went to check out what was up.

I had received a credit in January, which isn’t uncommon since I’m on an equalized billing plan, and then there weren’t any other bills for the next few months (I assumed this was due to my credit balance). Though at the same time (it seems obvious now but trust me, I didn’t put the two together) I was receiving a gas bill for *Glen Bartscher* <- not my name.

Well it appears Glen hasn’t paid his bill since January so *his* my gas was shut off.

No gas = no heat/no hot water

I am having a shity week.

2 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Bowling

  1. christina says:

    Sorry about your shitty week, perhaps a visit from a special someone this weekend will cheer you up. It won't be me, but can I park at your house? On another note, I really like this photo.

  2. hoi says:

    I really like this photo. It looks like it would be right out of a Tarantino movie.