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Untitled 5

Untitled 5
What a rut I’m in – which is too bad because I’ll be leading the Ottawa Worldwide Photowalk in July – and I’d like to have something to show to everyone signing up.

whatever – here’s another untitled photo – because, well, I just can’t muster it.

I’ll be heading out with Erinn sometime next week and I’ll crack out that old tripod with that NEW ballhead and just get some downtown building long exposure magic going. It’s often a good idea to change it up, try something new or forgotten, I just might like it, or learn something that I can apply to something else.

4 thoughts on “Untitled 5

  1. mykl says:

    dude this is still nicer than i can do. you told me to try the macro waterdrops if it rained. well, it happened that at that moment, there was a yogurt lid sitting on my desk with sunlight shining in. i took some pics of that and it was cool, but not nice like this!

  2. Calusarus says:

    I like the DoF here, and the sharpen of this silver ring

  3. Erinn says:

    for being in a rut, this isn't so bad. I like the cleanness of the way you've captured the water in this shot.