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X-mas ought six

X-mas ought six
The year of the inflatable decorations; it’s been distinctly un-Christmas like. There’s been something missing from this season for me, and I think it’s been the rush I get from selling people things during the season. I’ve done 12 years of retail, and having this coming week off is completely mind-blowing. What do you mean I don’t have to work on Boxing Day? I worked 16 hours at Best Buy last year during that madness. Thankfully, the company doesn’t pay overtime as policy, so I was disciplined and later fired (though for something unrelated), for my efforts.

That’s really what makes me think of the holidays, overwhelming amounts of work, my inability to shave regularly and building up my “playoff” beard. I’m not saturated with cash deposits from the till, I’m not being berated or called an idiot by impatient and ignorant customers. I’m just sitting around getting fat off cookies; that’s not Christmas!

One thought on “X-mas ought six

  1. April says:

    You are so right that this year has been the Christmas of Inflatable Crap. I noticed that too. I should snap a picture or two before they take it all down (thank God!).