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Dead Wood

Dead Wood
Dead Wood refers to those people who are not just unemployed, but are also unwilling to work. My new Roommate Yannick took some time this week to *walk* downtown and back, and he said there was quite a bit of dead wood in the city. Being a veteran of Queen Street, I’ve known my fair share of dead wood, glad to get the “can I ask you for a favour?” guys off my back, Yannick reminded me of the wilfully impoverished.

Yannick spent his entire day looking for every employment house, temp agency, and job site he could find, and upon encountering a street urchin he encouraged the guy to go walk with him and find work as well, a delectable combo of lethargy and apathy were the order of the day for that dude. Dead wood: useless.

*edit: don’t forget to check out Thinsite’s version of the same stump here.*

4 thoughts on “Dead Wood

  1. jen says:

    man, this is way better than attila's!
    oh yannick…out to save the world, one impoverished individual at a time.

  2. P.J. says:

    Excellent image and commentary!

  3. Brad says:

    I was like thinsite remix? +5 points for an interesting picture with some artsy stuff going on… -5 points for posting the same type of thing after attila. That bastard posted a picture of a horse poking his head through a fence like 2 days before I was going to post a picture of a cow doing the same thing. Bastard.

  4. Ruhh says:

    I like this angle much better and processing…but I've always had a pet-peeve for any photograph where everything is desaturated except the subject. There must be a term for that? Besides that…good stuff!