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Get Wit It

Get Wit It
What an interesting week!

First, I suppose I’d like to welcome all you new visitors from the interview I did with Petapixel this week (thanks Michael!). I don’t post on this blog as often as I should, and probably only half as much as I’d like, but if you subscribe you won’t have to worry about bookmarking the site or anything.

Maybe a bit of my absence from the blog is due to micro-blogging through Twitter since it allows me to get a lot of shit off my shoulder or express many of my neurotic thoughts as they happen rather than try and aggregate them incoherently here later.

Another turn of events happens to be the sale of my Panasonic LX3 (yes, under a year from when I bought it) – I just couldn’t justify the cost to use ratio I was getting out of it. Keep in mind, the fault was completely mine; I’m just not a great wide-angle shooter. So following the advice of a friend; “if you don’t love it, you shouldn’t have it” I didn’t love it, so I ditched it on a local graphic designer who, undoubtedly, will take some fantastic photos with it.

But I can’t just be WITHOUT a camera sometimes (can I?) as Chase says “the best camera is the one you have with you” I do need something to fill that gap; so I’ve pre-ordered the Canon G11.
I don’t usually go for this high-turnover idea, but I have some reasons behind my decision.

  • The LX3 was brilliant at ISO 80, but quickly got grainy at ISO 200-400, technically the G10 (since I can’t compare the G11 right now) had more noise, but the patterns were a bit more aesthetically pleasing, which means I’d likely keep more of those photos – and since the G11 is supposed to IMPROVE on that it can’t get worse.
  • Also, I’m a Canon shooter, not religiously or anything, but enough so that the G11 will work off-the shelf with my Canon strobes and the OC-E3 cord, which’ll mean ETTL flash with what I already have. PLUS they increased it’s native synch speed to 1/2000th which is nice for tweaking with some fill-flash
  • The 28-140mm lens is a bit more in my zoom comfort zone than 20-60mm on the LX3, also, it’s more versatile. For the math challenged that’s 80mm I gain at the long end by only losing 8mm at the wide; a net win of 72mm.
  • I don’t care either way about a flippy-rotatey LCD screen, but sure, gimme one, I’ll probably use it
  • The f stop doesn’t truly concern me – f/2.8 vs. f/2.0? on a P&S that number barely registers for creative dof and my fingers are crossed for a gain on the ISO front, but realistically I’m still probably only going to get my best shots at ISO 80-200 so I’m not too concerned about the light advantage
  • No Canon didn’t give this HD video – but how good would it be anyways? I’ll keep saving for that 5dMKII…
  • Will I be disappointed? Maybe.
    There’s no guarantee that I’ll love it – but there’s certainly a chance I’ll love it more, and that’s something I’ve gotta find out.

    2 thoughts on “Get Wit It

    1. Calusarus says:

      A very interesting framing…

    2. Robert says:

      I enjoyed reading your interview on PetaPixel yesterday. Your philosophy on photography is very interesting. I agree with your re the bookmark/rss thing. I've had your blog in my feed reader for quite some time now and visit every time a new post pops up. Hope to see more.