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Just Dandy

Just Dandy
I’ll take a quick survey here, and if you don’t mind just let me know in the comments, but I’m wondering who all of you fine visitor to jvlphoto.com are. Besides my mom (hi mom) and varying, seemingly, random numbers I get from Google Analytics (hi people from Twitter!) and feedburner are you visiting and viewing this blog because you:

  • know the JVL
  • like the writing
  • like the pictures
  • visited through a ridiculous comment I left on someone’s site
  • all of the above
  • other
  • I am really interested to know what you like and don’t like about this site and why you come – it’ll help me figure out how I want to steer the conversation in the future (for example Josh helped me to stop making lame fake Polaroid photos).

    7 thoughts on “Just Dandy

    1. Calusarus says:

      A nice composition, and an interesting point of view…

    2. 24-7 hard core action!

    3. Bob says:

      I've been visiting the site for about a year. I probably found the site because of something said on thinsite or Wasted Photo.

    4. JVL says:

      Thanks Bob! I always knew if I said enough crap at those sites something would stick – leeching off my friends talent…

    5. Nicole says:

      I visit because I like the pics and the writing. Think I came across the site through Wasted Photos!

    6. Ni says:

      came here from thinsite or wasted photos because they've linked to you and i liked both pictures and writing

    7. Yannick says:

      Love the pics!