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I’ve only been in Ottawa a few years now, but I have come to closely associate myself with the Hintonburg community I live in. I’m not an activist or anything, but I’ve been fascinated in where the neighbourhood’s come from, and where it’s going. From a real-estate point of view, the area’s “up and coming” […]

What’s in a name? Or furthermore, a title? There’s been a lot of chatter over this at PixelatedImage and the need to dispel these meanings we attribute to words, titles, and even appearances that just aren’t true. When I walk around with my main camera, the 1DMKII, I get a lot of stares and a […]

I’m sorry to say that when things get busy, and I mean busy all around, one of the first things to drop is this blog. I’m thankful for things like Twitter and RSS feeds that mean people don’t have to be proactive in visiting the site and seeing if I’ve posted something. It’s passive and […]

I was invited to the launch party of Spacing Ottawa on Wednesday. Spacing is an urban space magazine, or at least that’s how I like to label it; they talk about cities, the suburbs, how we interact with them and potentially good and bad ideas that occur within them. They have blogs in Atlantic Canada, […]

This is some crazy-ass vegetable that makes me think of this article and a bit of that cool new Romulan ship from the Abrams Star Trek.

Great sunset in Ottawa today, good thing I got to see it from behind this tree!

Projects are good. It doesn’t have to be a brilliant one, or even one that you think will win any awards, but setting out with a goal in mind. Like, say, shooting descending sequential odd number or even numbers gets you thinking. Thinking of how to find “the shot” and a bit more, how to […]

Spent a GREAT few hours out at Westboro beech in Ottawa today. More than half the time was me trying to figure out a few spots to take some portraits and actually sitting and just taking a breath! AMAZING! Sitting down is certainly under-rated. Sadly I was solo (aside from my subject) so I was […]

Not much to say today save that the Canon 1DMKII is not a subtle camera and does not easily fit in pockets when needed to be put away. Looking forward to that G11 when she ships…

Some people are pioneers, they set new standards and literally make things, that were unknown to others, new. Some of these are good things, some of them aren’t. Mel’s mom recently went through a divorce, that saw her left with her home, but very little money to support it. In an effort to reclaim some […]

I had an awesome weekend visit by my buds Will & Dan that taught me two things; good friends are rare and therefor valuable, and that I can no longer drink more than a few pints of beer in a sitting. I mean it – I feel awful today.

There’s something appealing about a building number spelled out for me. As if it’s a higher level of sophistication – only the literate may enter – if you can’t read, you’ll never find it, like it never existed.

New haircuts often make me feel better because, apparently, I have one of them rubbable heads that the ladies can’t resist!

Nothing particularly special about this shot here other than the fact that my computer crashed about a dozen times while I tried to stitch it; eventually I had to break it up into 4 sections and combine those. Pano’s can be tricky for display on the screen, because I think a lot of their value […]

What an interesting week! First, I suppose I’d like to welcome all you new visitors from the interview I did with Petapixel this week (thanks Michael!). I don’t post on this blog as often as I should, and probably only half as much as I’d like, but if you subscribe you won’t have to worry […]

I suck with manual focus – the lensbaby has no other option other than – so instead of getting a cool shot of a little kid break-dancing, I nailed the girl selling popcorn instead. Mmmmm hmmmn.

Quinn and I took a quick trip to T.O. this past weekend in a last-ditch effort to reclaim the summer – like those great road-trip movies where a bunch of guys hit the road to “find” themselves. I was DELIGHTED to have had the company of so many great friends; Attila & Jen – thanks […]

I’ve been thinking about selling the LX3 – kinda need the cash – and I’m not sure if I do enough with it to justify it’s expense. It’s a $500+ point and shoot and I’m usually frustrated that I should have just brought my SLR. I’m going to bring it with me on my upcoming […]

Score! Finally got up to a Cottage this weekend. Free of any obligations other than to not let my kid drown (an obtainable goal to be sure). Took some time walking around with my camera in-hand, pointing it at the ground (see above photo), and the rest of it watching over Quinn, playing with him […]

A member of Samba Ottawa taken with my lensbaby.

I’m currently in the process of working my real job so that I can afford to buy more camera gear clothes and food for my kids (1 kid currently pending). Shot somewhere in Montreal… sometime last year.

Mel’s discovered herself a brand new friend; Isobelle – originally from Montreal, she needed a change (who wants to move from Montreal to Ottawa?). Anyways, she’s very friendly and ‘touchy’ in one of those make-you-feel-good-but-not-like-a-pervert sorta ways. Also, apparently, she’s single (this I can not explain readily because she is good looking and, of course, […]

Seen at Gladstone and Rochester.

We took our first family trip to the Museum of Civilization this weekend, it was nice, and I would have loved to have seen more, but within the Museum of Civ. is also the Children’s Museum, which seems to be WAAAY more fun for a toddler and eleven-year-old. I decided I’d shoot jpeg mode on […]